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$1 watches, 1 pixel borders, 6 am, aa-ee-oo killer tofu, adexu/good sir surly, adult swim, amadeus tappioka, amigurumi, amélie, animal crossing: wild world, anime thatmakes no sense, anything but exercise, anywhere but jake's house, apartmentratings.com drama, appreciating old slides &movies, art galleries, ashland oregon, baby animals with downs-syndrome, bamboo knitting needles, being crafty, big fish, big headphones not earbuds, boys who can bake, business suits, calico kitties, car commercials, chatspeak eye are ell, chocolate soy milk, collecting payphone numbers, cow go pig pig, crazy dreams, customizing my ds, cute little cursive, darnit food, davis california, deviantart, digital cameras, downtown, drawing, eeee baby sloths, eeyoy spitah, emily temple cute, everything davinci (i guess), family guy, fancy clothes, fashion boys, fog, french, fruits basket omg, future detatched art studios, gayaiaa online!, geeus♥u, get fuzzy's art, gmail - inbox (1), gnomecoming, good sushi, grammar grammar grammar, habbo hotel, hearts, high fives, hot chocolate, html, i needto sew more!, inside jokes with myself, ipods (that actually work), japantown, kabouter plop, kitty ears, knitting likethe oldwoman thatiam, les choses chouettes, little kids, living in hotels, looking out of windows, making up new acronyms, married to the sea, michelle being a hyena, mild winters, mister mastodon farm, monty python andthe holygrail, my neighbor totoro, nearly being a furry, neon colors, nighttime, not being lactose intolerant, not teenagers, nyer fuuhnee, oekaki, oh sa now, old people in love, old people who swear, old school nickelodeon, omg bindi's #1 fan!!!, online friends, opencanvas, painting my nails, peopling, photoshop being my bffe, pink and green, pocky, pokémon leaf green, pope calendars, popping/cracking other people's knuckles, pumpkin pie shakes, purplegrapes.jpg, pygmy goats, raffi!!, raining but not sprinkling, random bouts of inspiration, real photography, retards grating cheese, riding the catbus, ringring ringring ringringring bananaphone, road trips through small-towns, running into dandan, san francisco, saxy prusun sarx pribin, scrumping choco-late, sharpies, snow in davis, sometimes being sick, sourdough bread, spiders... they eat all-that-stuff!, staying up all night, tablets, team rocket, the nightmare before christmas, the safety dance, the style network, the wiggles, tom-goes-to-the-mayor, toothpastefordinner.com, trisomy 21, twinkly stars, uneverything, v-bangs, victor niguel, vintage pictures of deadpeople, watching "flavor of love", when gaymen say "boobies", when no one's looking, winning at life

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